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performance collective, 2017 - 2020


The performance piece titled "YOU ARE" explores the grammar of attribution. From private and intimate topics to geopolitical concerns the group performance circles around structures of confession and interrogation. The You Are Group explores collective storytelling and authorship as its main practice. The members share a common interest in the way language / conversation / confession can be a device to express group dynamics, especially the continuous back-and-forth between individual and collective agency in a performative setting.


So far, their performances have focused on the inner dynamics of the group, trying to establish a form that enables them to work together. Their practice gives them an opportunity to reflect on the potential and challenges of working as a group. However, these factors are not only a result of the specific relations between individual members but of broader social, political, technological and economical circumstances. The collective aims to complicate the distinction between private and public expression and illustrate how our most personal thoughts are (in)formed by collective generated imagery. 


You Are Group is: Andreas Niegl, Danila Lipatov, Hye Young Sin, Marios Pavlou, Sina Guntermann, Karen Zimmermann. 

You Are Group on Instagram: 

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  • Ruhrtriennale - Third Space, Bochum, 2019

  • Videonale, Kunstlerforum, Bonn, 2019

  • Center For Literature - Burg Hülshoff, Münster, 2018

  • Art Cologne, 2018

  • Part of the Kölner Kongress: Erzählen in den Medien,Deutschlandfunk, Cologne, 2018




  • Performance group in residency funded by Center for Literature - Burg Hülshoff, Münster, 2020

  • YOU ARE in Athens, workshop at Circuits and Currents funded by Kunststiftung NRW, 2019

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